Jessi Criticized For Her Shocking “Sexy Underwear Fashion” At The Airport

It revealed a lot more than anyone expected.

Jessi showed up at the airport today as she was headed out for a schedule abroad. Everyone’s eyes were on her fashion as she’s known to be a fashion leader and trend setter in the industry.

jessi underwear fashion 6

She donned a Balenciaga t-shirt dress paired with a casual hat, sneakers, oversized sunglasses and her signature hoops.

jessi underwear fashion 2

Before she headed into the airport, she turned around to give her loyal fans a sweet wave, but all eyes were turned to her shirt dress.

jessi underwear fashion 1

Jessi’s shirt dress rose up to reveal black under shorts that showed off the bottom of her butt.

jessi underwear fashion 5


Korean netizens who saw the photos criticized her for allegedly not wearing any pants.

jessi underwear fashion 4

jessi underwear fashion

But anyone who’s fit and toned like Jessi should have every right to wear whatever she feels well compliments her hard work!

jessi underwear fashion 3

Don’t pay the haters any mind, Jessi! You keep living your best life, Queen!

jessi underwear fashion 7

Source: Herald Pop
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