Jessi Spills On How She Handles Celebs Who Slide Into Her DMs

“She’s so real and down to earth.”

Recently, veteran soloist Jessi met with Los Angeles-based rapper and actor Dumbfoundead, to record for his Fun With Dumb podcast, and together they chatted about life changes, finding inspiration for music, Jessi’s quest for love, and her interactions with Jebbies.

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Jessi is known for being open and honest with fans, and Jebbies often share accounts of their unforgettable interactions with the veteran artist.

During her interview, Dumbfoundead asked Jessi about using social media to interact with Jebbies and wanted to know if she ever sees DMs from fans.

Jessi honestly answered that she doesn’t answer DMs for a thoughtful reason.

No, I don’t. To be honest, my DMs are flooded so, you know, I don’t click on it… I want to, I wish I could, but if I look at everyone’s DM, obviously I have to DM back.

— Jessi

Jessi’s answer led to Dumbfoundead’s next question, as he wondered if her inbox was a “graveyard of celebrity DMs.”

Jessi hilariously teased, “I mean...” before Dumbfoundead offered an easier question for her to answer by asking if there was anyone she messaged back that the public might recognize, to which she admitted there were “many, many.”

Dumbfoundead went straight to the point, asking if there had been any “‘DM sliding’ in there,” and Jessi responded, “Of course!

Listen, I’m f*cking 34 now, I can do whatever the f*ck I want and I’m trying to find love right now.

— Jessi

As for how she has handled DMs from fellow celebrities or public figures, Jessi shared that she’s skilled at keeping things professional.

I’m very good at keeping it very business and like- I’m not the type of person to DM…

— Jessi

Jessi continued to keep it real with fans throughout the episode, and netizens appreciated her refreshingly honest and “down to earth” answers.


While Jessi may keep things strictly business with celebs in her DMs, she opens up about who she does want to date during the podcast.

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