Jessi Reveals The Touching Reason Why Former Wanna One Member Kim Jaehwan Will “Make It Big Someday”

She was impressed.

Former Wanna One member Kim Jaehwan guested on this week’s episode of Showterview With Jessi where Jessi and co-host Jung Shik learned about the hurdles he went through to reach his current success.

Jung Shik read his profile out loud, revealing that he was introduced to the public in 2012 when he joined Korea’s Got Talent 2.

Kim Jaehwan was born in Gangseo District, Seoul on May 27, 1996. He appeared on Korea’s Got Talent 2 in 2012 and started to gain attention as a semifinalist.

— Jung Shik

Afterwards, he participated in SBS‘s Vocal War: God’s Voice and won first place.

He was the winner of SBS’s Vocal War: God’s Voice in 2016.

— Jung Shik

He went on to join Mnet‘s reality program Produce 101 Season 2. After winning fourth place in the competition, he earned a spot in boy group Wanna One.

He participated as an individual trainee without an agency in a national survival reality show in 2017 and placed fourth.

— Jung Shik

The group disbanded in 2019, and Kim Jaehwan now has a successful career as a solo artist.

Miracle victory! A good example of self-employed! After his solo debut, his records are sky rocketing!

— Jung Shik

Kim Jaehwan then revealed some background information that some people may not be aware of yet.

He trained for four years in a company after joining Korea’s Got Talent 2.

Unfortunately, he was unable to debut as a band member like planned, so he made the decision to enlist in the military. Right before he could do so, however, he was invited to join Vocal War: God’s Voice.

After winning first place on the show, he worked part time at a pub where he was asked to audition for Produce 101 Season 2.

Upon hearing his incredible journey, Jessi stated that she thinks he will become even more successful in the future. She admires how he was able to stand up after falling many times and was ultimately able to achieve his dreams.

This dude will make it big someday. You had the strength to rise after a hundred falls to keep moving toward achieving your goal.

— Jessi

Kim Jaehwan’s success story can only be described as inspirational! Learn more about him in the full video below.

Source: Mobidic

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