Jessi Recently Learnt That TWICE Is Old Enough To Drink—Here’s How She Reacted

“Are they old enough to drink?”

When Jessi learned that the members of TWICE are old enough to drink, she had the most hilarious reaction to this new piece of information!


TWICE recently guested on Jessi’s Showterview, where they talked about a bunch of stuff, such as their comeback, the most demanding member, and more!

Jessi and TWICE | @jessishow_officiaL/Instagram

Jessi asked them to explain the concept for their current comeback, and Nayeon explained how the song, written by Park Jin Young, uses alcohol as a metaphor for falling in love!

This song is written by producer Park Jin Young, where alcohol is used as a metaphor for falling in love.


Upon learning the song title and theme, Jessi looked up in surprise and asked if they were old enough to drink! After receiving an answer in the affirmative, she looked toward the maknaes, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu who were born in 1999, and asked if even they were old enough to consume alcohol.

When she’s born in ’99?


When they nodded, Jessi immediately got a reality check!

TWICE debuted in 2015, and almost 6 years later, continue to stun everyone with their mature visuals as young women!

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

They recently made their comeback with their 10th mini-album titled Taste Of Love, and title track “Alcohol-Free”.

Watch the MV for it here!

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