“Butt Pads?” Jessi Posts Two Dance Challenges With NCT’s Johnny And Mark — With One Very Big Difference

“What did they put in there…” 😂

Jessi recently posted two dance challenges with the same two idols… with one very big difference that made netizens LOL.

K-Pop soloist Jessi | @jessicah_o/Instagram

Jessi recently released her song “GUM” and instantly set the internet alive by doing dance challenges with other idols.


Amidst all the challenges Jessi has been doing, two videos have really stood out and made netizens LOL, and they’re featuring NCT‘s Johnny and Mark.

NCT’s Mark and Johnny

On October 31 (local time), Jessi posted a “GUM” challenge with Johnny and Mark. From the beginning, the three idols slayed…

| @itsjessibaby/TikTok 

Until they started twerking, and netizens couldn’t help but notice something different about the two NCT members.

| @itsjessibaby/TikTok 

When the video was posted, netizens noticed what that “something” interesting about the video was.

The comments were full of fans LOL’ing at the fact that both Johnny and Mark seemed to have butt pads in their jeans to create a fuller body shape. Some wondered who thought of the idea, while others even joked that Mark didn’t even need them.

Yet, if that wasn’t funny enough, Jessi later posted another version of the challenge. While it seemed the same on the surface, with all three idols slaying from start to end…

| @itsjessibaby/TikTok

Netizens noticed that something was missing compared to the first video.

| @itsjessibaby/TikTok

Of course, Jessi made the difference very clear by putting the caption as, “The original without the stuffed gum,” pointing out the fact that neither Johnny nor Mark had any padding.

As always, Jessi always allows idols to have fun and be themselves when doing challenges together. The two videos showcase Johnny and Mark’s ability to make fun of themselves, and it’s why they’re loved so much.

Source: @itsjessibaby and @itsjessibaby