Jessica asked awkward question about Tyler Kwon’s ex-girlfriend by reporters

Tyler Kwon’s former girlfriend, Gillian Chung, was recently asked about Jessica Jung at the 2014 Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards held in Hong Kong, as the two entertainers were both present at the event.

When asked about Jessica, Gillian Chung answered with hesitation in her voice responding, “I didn’t know know (that Jessica is here).” Local reporters pressed further asking, “Do you think it will be awkward when you two meet?” and Gillian Chung avoided answering the question directly responding, “I don’t think we are going to be able to meet.”

Similarly, when asked about Gillian Chung by local reporters present, “Do you know Gillian Chun of TWINS?”, Jessica was reported to have shaken her head with a smile, declining to answer and leaving the scene.

Gillian Chung is known to have dated Jessica’s rumored boyfriend and business partner Tyler Kwon in 2012, the couple having broken up in 2013.

In related news, Jessica was award the Asia Star Award at the 2014 Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards.

Source: TV Report and MBN TV