Jessica breaks down in tears after reading a letter from Krystal at her birthday fanmeet

At one of the events at her 27th birthday party with her fans on April 18th, Jessica Jung was moved to tears as she read a letter written to her by her sister, f(x)’s Krystal

During one of the mini-events in this fan meet at Sungkyun University, Jessica transformed into a DJ, reading letters and episodes submitted by fans. While reading letters, she came across one written to her from her sister, Krystal, and was brought to tears by the touching message left by her sister.

Krystal wrote, “Happy 27th birthday. I was always so sorry that I couldn’t do anything special for you on your birthdays but thanks to your fans we can make precious memories. I wanted to make you cry but it doesn’t look like you’re going to. When I was in elementary school and you in high school you looked like a grown up to me and now it seems you actually are aren’t you? Time flies so fast that some times I feel scared and sad. Like we used to dance and sing when we were young and just like we were free styling together in the living room lets stay close and have fun like that even when we become grandmas.

I know you must still see me as a child yet you lend me your ears and respect me. I’m lucky to have the best friend and older sister both in you. When I saw you, who’s such an honest and considerate person, cry in pain everyday my heart hurt for you and I cried with you. I wonder whether people realized that you are such a delicate and fragile person and it angered me. But those days are in the past now and now I hope just as you do that happiness surrounds us. I know you will get through even the most difficult things even when unexpected difficulties hit us. I believe in you and I hope you always stay as the best older sister anyone could ask for. I’ll always be there for you and you’ll always be there for me so let’s cheer up and live more fun! Thank you for being my unni. I love you. Sincerely Soojung”

Little did Jessica know, while she was tearing up over her sister’s letter, Krystal herself appeared at the fan meet to comfort and share Jessica’s 27th birthday with her.

Source: Mydaily