Jessica Burst Into Tears When She Read This Message from Krystal

Former Girls’ Generation Jessica was left in tears after she read a heartfelt letter f(x) member and sister Krystal wrote for her birthday.

A video has resurfaced of Jessica celebrating her birthday with fans at her birthday party event Happy Together in 2015. There, she read multiple cards that wished her good health and an overall happy birthday.

A birthday letter sent from Krystal filled with small jokes, memories, and sisterly love had Jessica choking up and finding it difficult to continue reading.

Krystal mentioned in her letter that she wanted Jessica to be so moved that she would cry and her mission was accomplished.

This video, which has recaptured fans hearts, is a reminder of how close the two are.

“Jess, happy 27th birthday.
I’ve always felt sorry for not being able to make your birthdays special, but thanks to your fans, I’m happy to be able to parttake in creating this precious memory.

I feel that I actually write letters to you quite often; although my handwriting is weird, please read through it completely.

I wanted to make you cry today, but it doesn’t seem like you’ll be tearing up. Anyway, ever since I was in elementary school and you were in high school, I’ve always seen you as an adult. But now, you’re really an adult, aren’t you? Time flies by so quickly that sometimes it scares me, but it always makes me sad.

Just like how we used to dance and sing together at home when we were little and just like how a few days ago we were so caught up in the moment that we began to freestyle dance in the living room, let’s play like this even until we grow old as grandmas.

Despite still being a baby in your eyes, you have always given me your utmost attention, listened, and respected my words. I think that I’ve been given both a friend and a sister all at once and I’m so proud of that. When such an honest, caring, and considerate person like you used to cry painfully every day, it made me want to cry just watching how much of a difficult time you were going through.

It made my heart ache so, so much.

I used to feel that it was so unfair and thought to myself, “I wonder if others know just how fragile and delicate my sister really is,” but I eventually put it past me.

Now, all I want to care about is the two of us and hope that happiness will continue to radiate around us. No matter how many unexpected things happen in the future, I believe that you’ll be able to wisely find a way out of it.

Please continue to be that awesome older sister that you already are. I am always beside you and you will always be beside me, so let’s be strong and continue to enjoy living a fun life.

Thank you for being my older sister.

I love you.

From, Soojungie.”

– Krystal

Krystal later joined her on stage greeting her with a hug and spending time with Jessica at her birthday event. It was moving moment for Jessica and the crowd.

Take a look at Jessica’s reaction to Krystal’s letter!