Jessica Describing Her 20s, “I couldn’t relax and I cried a lot.”

Now that she’s turning 30, Jessica recently sat down for an interview to reflect back on her 20’s.

She revealed that she had a rough time during the past 10 years.

“I remember every ‘firsts’ that I experienced throughout the past 10 years.

I lived competitively during my 20s, so I couldn’t relax. And I cried a lot.”

— Jessica

For her 30s, she only wants to laugh and build on her happiness.

“For my next 10 years, I want to be able to laugh a lot. I think my 30s will have a lot more good experiences.”

— Jessica

Although her 20s may have been harsh, she doesn’t regret a thing.

“If you include my years as a trainee, I’ve been in the entertainment industry for about 17 years. But I don’t regret any of the decisions I’ve made so far.”

But I still have a lot of things that I want to try.”

— Jessica

She revealed that she wants to try her hand at radio DJ, appearing in a Korean film, launching a shoe brand and more.

“I don’t want to be known for one fixed image. I want to do well in every variety of work that comes my way.”

— Jessica

But she’s ultimately the happiest when she’s singing on stage.

“I’m the happiest when I’m doing music.

I experience joy when I make a good song, and I’m the happiest when I sing on stage.

Music is [my] core.”

— Jessica

From the difficult times she faced in her 20’s to her upcoming 30’s, Jessica hopes to continue to grow into an inspiration for all.

“I want to live doing what I love while treasuring everything to live a better life.

I want to become a ‘cool unnie’ who people can respect.”

— Jessica

Source: Sports Donga