Jessica Discusses Her Plans For The Future Following Her Appearance At The Cannes Film Festival

Fans should expect a lot, soon.

Jessica stunned everyone with her impressive dress and effortless grace on the red carpet for the 72nd Cannes Film Festival. Following the festival, Jessica spoke about her plans for the immediate future and recounted some stories from Cannes.

Jessica’s sequined dress was custom-made by fashion designer Rami Kadi to showcase the beauty of the East.

On her plans for the future, Jessica shared that she wanted to further develop her fashion brand, BLANC & ECLARE. She said that her company is working on product development to respond to the growing demand for cosmetics. Jessica also said she is hoping to work with pop-up stores in New York and Korea to develop clothing.

Jessica also revealed she has been working hard to create new music for her fans and they should “expect a lot” soon.

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