Jessica Jung Uses Her Favorite Activity To Make Fun Of Krystal And It’s Peak Sibling Energy

Krystal has a hilarious older sister!

Jessica Jung and her sister Krystal are probably the best-known sibling duo in K-Pop, and they do everything together!

Krystal and Jessica | @jessica.syj/Instagram

They travel together…

…have their own show called Jessica&Krystal

…and always make it to each others’ Instagram feeds all the time!

In a recent video uploaded to her Youtube channel, where Jessica answered questions sent to her by her fans, where one of them asked about Krystal!

What is your favorite activity with Soojung [Krystal’s Korean name]?

To that, Jessica cheekily answered with “Eating!”

Jessica talked more about her favorite activity with Krystal, and revealed that when Krystal can’t get reservations for restaurants but Jessica can, she even uses it to poke fun at her younger sister!

We love eating together! We always recommend places to each other, and we also go together, too. I’m usually the one to go to a certain restaurant first, and she’ll get jealous.

Whenever I succeed in making reservations and she doesn’t, I make fun of her!


This is peak sibling energy!

Watch her talk about it here!