Jessica Jung Reveals That She Actually Never Dreamed Of Becoming A Singer

One of K-Pop’s most revered main vocalists shared that she never thought of being a singer!

Jessica Jung shares how she decided to become a singer!

Jessica recently teamed up with British Vogue to reach out to and interview singers that are her current favorites, and she had a blast fangirling about and meeting them!

During her time with Girls’ Generation, Jessica was always revered for her incredible vocals as one of the main vocalists of the team! During a separate interview, however, she opened up about her trainee days at SM Entertainment, and stated that it was only because of songs she heard during her those days that instilled in her a desire to sing!

I was scouted when I was 11. I trained for 7 years and my debut album was when I was 18 with a girl band. My dream was never to become a singer. As a trainee, when I took vocal lessons, most of the songs that I listened to and was learning to sing was R&B.


She mentioned a few artists as her biggest inspirations!

Artists like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston…I felt, “Wow, I wanna sing that kind of song.” It really inspired me to become a singer.


Watch the interview here!

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