Jessica Jung Celebrates Her Birthday With A Surprising Person… BLACKPINK’s Jennie

One glimpse of her cheeks was all it took for BLINK to find out.

Jessica Jung celebrated her birthday last month and just shared her vlog of the festivities on YouTube. But eagle-eyed BLINK noticed a familiar set of cheeks celebrating with Jessica… Jennie‘s!

Jessica’s vlog followed her birthday celebrations for her 32nd birthday, celebrating with her sister Krystal, her friends Jungwon and Jihye, and other close friends.

But on the fifth day of her birthday celebrations, a familiar voice could be heard chatting with Jessica.

Further adding to BLINK’s suspicions was a familiar nickname, “Nini.”

But it wasn’t until getting a glimpse of her cheeks were BLINK 100% sure that Jennie made time to celebrate Jessica’s birthday by bringing her a cake.

Naturally, many fans of both Jessica and Jennie’s were surprised at the combination of the two.

Watch Jessica’s birthday vlog below: