Jessica Jung Dishes About The Release Date Of Her New Album And Second Book

She’s literally killing it!

In Jessica Jung‘s new vlog, Jessica updated her Sparkles on her busy life. In a moment of her vlog, Jessica mentions a new album as well as a sequel to her book Shine.

| @jessica.syj/Instagram

It’s safe to say Jessica is definitely one hard-working woman! In her vlog, Jessica shared that her hiatus from YouTube definitely helped provide her some rest; however, Jessica shared she’s back to work now!

I took a break for a little more than a month. I feel a lot better. A lot of people checked in with me. They told me that they missed me. I missed my Sparkles too. If I really didn’t do anything at all during the break, it would’ve been restful, both mentally and physically. But that wasn’t possible.

— Jessica

Sadly, even on her break, Jessica shared that she had to work. Jessica revealed she had been working hard on her fashion brand Blanc & Eclare as well as her new restaurant!

The ‘Blanc & Eclare’ flagship store in Cheongdam is now open. It’s a new challenge for us but, we also opened up a restaurant called Clareau with a talented team of chefs and service staff. Being a first timer at anything is always hard. But I feel like I enjoy those challenges.

— Jessica

Jessica also mentioned the sequel to her first book Shine. For those unaware, Jessica is a former member of the SM Entertainment group Girls’Generation.

Jessica’s Shine centered around her own experiences as an idol through the fictional idol trainee character Rachel Kim. With the book containing so many secrets, you can only imagine how many people wanted to read every juicy detail in it. Shine debuted at number five on The New York Times Best Seller list for Young Adult Hardcover novels!

| @jessica.syj/Instagram

Not too long ago, details about Shine’s sequel Bright were shared by her publisher. According to her publisher, Bright will contain a storyline full of parties, beautiful gowns, international travel, and more! As for Bright’s release date, Jessica mentioned that fans can expect to have it in their hands soon!

My novel ‘Shine’s’ sequel, the second book ‘Bright’ will be out later this year. It’s almost ready. Just finishing up the final pieces.

— Jessica

Jessica also mentioned her new album release! It appears that much like Bright, Jessica is just adding the final touches on her album! This is so exciting right?!

I have one song left to go on my new album as well. It’s still unclear when it will be released but hoping it will be sooner rather than later. When should I release it? When should I?

— Jessica

Hopefully, we can read Jessica’s story and hear her angelic voice soon!

Check out Jessica’s vlog below: