Jessica Jung Drops The First Juicy Excerpt From Her Upcoming Debut Novel “Shine”

The excerpt is finally out!

Jessica Jung has released the first excerpt from her upcoming debut novel, Shine!

Image credit: Entertainment Weekly


Shine is a young adult novel that centers around the narrative of a Korean-American girl named Rachel Kim. She moves to South Korea as a teenager to begin her training to become the next major K-Pop sensation, and the novel follows her story as a K-Pop star. Following initial news of her book releasing in 2020, Entertainment Weekly has shared the following excerpt from her book on their site, which fans have then begun sharing on Twitter.


With the drop of this juicy teaser, fans are looking forward to the whole novel even more so than ever, because of all the details it contains. While Jessica herself has stated that the book is purely fiction, fans can’t help but make certain connections due to Jessica making certain mentions, such as… this allusion to a nine-member K-Pop girl group in her book.

Fans are thrilled at what they expect to be a very intriguing debut novel, thats not only slated to have a sequel, but is also in talks to be a Hollywood movie!


Shine is expected to drop in October of 2020.

Are you excited for the novel as well?

Source: Entertainment Weekly