Jessica Jung promises fans she will return to the stage in an interview with “Woman Sense”

On March 3, Jessica Jung revealed her desire and promise to make many stage appearances soon through an interview with Woman Sense magazine.  

When asked about her fashion line BLANC&ECLARE, Jessica stated, “Since I started this brand with my name on the line, I feel a lot of responsibility. I’m busy with traveling and meetings, but I want to share my thoughts on style with many people, and I’m happy to be able to work with the support of my family.”

Since Jessica has been busy with her fashion line and hasn’t returned to the stage since she departed from Girls’ Generation, she was asked,“Don’t you miss the stage?”  

In response, Jessica said, “I’m more excited about the notion of going on stage rather than feeling nostalgic about it. I will be making numerous stage appearances soon. I always miss my fans, however. Fans are like family to me, and I feel like the bond has grown stronger after going through many hardships recently.”

This is not the first time she’s mentioned getting back on stage as Jessica recently mentioned looking into acting and music plans in addition to her time spend in the fashion industry.

While she has been busy with an upcoming new S/S 2015 collection for her own brand BLANC&ECLARE, Jessica showed that she has not given up her career on being a singer as she was recently in a recording studio in New York City, creating suspicions that she might be making her solo debut in Japan soon.

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Source: Star News