Jessica Jung Reveals Which Character From “Shine” Was Inspired By Krystal

She also gushed about the close relationship she shares with her sister!

Jessica Jung was full of love for her gorgeous sister, Krystal!

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Jessica recently sat down with Good Morning America for an interview about her debut novel, “Shine”!

One of the questions asked to her was,

Are any of the characters based on real people?

Jessica then revealed that the character of Leia, who is the younger sister of the main character (Rachel), was based on her own younger sister, Krystal!

Actually, yes! There are definitely some, but not all. But, for instance, Leia, who is Rachel’s little sister, is inspired by my own little sister Krystal!

—Jessica Jung

She then further reveals why she decided to base the character on Krystal and gushed with sisterly affection for her!

We were both trainees at a very young age, and we were also K-Pop stars. We always had each others’ backs and we always helped each other, and its really hard to find good friends in the industry- true friends.

So, we were really lucky to have each other.

—Jessica Jung

We love to see the Jung sisters closer than ever!


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My sister has an awesome sister. True story!📖✏️👀

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You can watch this whole segment from the 2:49 mark onwards here!