Jessica Jung Reveals How She Felt When She First Met Her Sister Krystal

Jessica remembers the day very clearly!

During her latest YouTube video, Jessica Jung answered her many “firsts”, including the first time she ever met her younger sister, Krystal.

Back in 1994, when Jessica was only 5 years old, she remembers suddenly being dropped off at her aunt’s house. After spending a fun night with her aunt, she was taken to the hospital, where she found a small creature snuggling with her parents!

Jessica claimed she was surprised and weirded out by her new sister. She thought Krystal was cute, but she was initially not a fan in general!

She had spent 5 years being the center of everyone’s love but with the new arrival of a sister, her parents’ love had to be shared, and Baby Jessica was not sure about it.

When I first held [Krystal], I don’t think I liked it. Because, you know I was the first born. I grew up being the only one to receive everyone’s love, but when this baby arrived, it suddenly felt like the love was being shared.

It was like… “Hey, I’m here too.” That moment I first saw her, I thought to myself, “Oh? Are you my rival?”

— Jessica

Although Jessica wasn’t welcoming to Krystal at first, she now wouldn’t give Krystal up for anything! She’s so happy to have a sister than a brother who she can share everything with!

It’s surprising to hear that Baby Jessica and Baby Krystal didn’t hit it off from the very beginning because the Jung sisters are inseparable! They literally spend as much time as they can together amidst their hectic schedules.

Jessica and Krystal have now become complete sister goals as they share everything from clothes, makeup, parents’ love and more!

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