Jessica Jung reveals plans on focusing her expansion in China

Following her controversial withdrawal from Girls’ Generation back in September, Jessica Jung expresses her desire to succeed in China. 

Despite her controversial dismissal as a member of the group, Jessica Jung has successfully launched her own fashion label BLANC & ECLARE in South Korea and China and has expressed her plans for an expansion, with China being a high priority.

In a promotional event held on December 23rd, the singer and fashion brand owner was quoted, “China is like a pair of arms that always embraced me. If I get the chance I would like to succeed in China,” and further stating, “In 2015, I am going to work harder and establish my brand as a major fashion icon in the celebrity culture.”

Jessica Jung’s statements have elicited a wide variety of responses from various netizens with many wishing Jessica the best of luck in 2015, while some raised speculations among if she was thinking of leaving South Korea.

Source: OSEN