Publisher Reveals What’s Coming In “Bright”, The Sequel To Jessica Jung’s Hit YA Novel

The sequel to “Shine” is hitting shelves sooner than you’d think.

It’s only been a few months since former Girls’ Generation member and entrepreneur Jessica Jung released her debut novel, Shine, but the sequel is not far away from hitting shelves. According to a new blurb from publisher Simon & Schuster, here’s what to expect from the plot.

After Jessica revealed that Shine was based on her real-life experiences as a K-Pop idol under SM Entertainment, fans flocked to read the young adult novel to learn her juicy secrets. The book debuted at number five on The New York Times Best Seller list for Young Adult Hardcover novels—a feat most writers only dream of achieving.

| Simon & Schuster

Shine centered on Korean-American 17-year-old Rachel Kim, a trainee under fictional K-Pop agency DB Entertainment. Throughout the book, Rachel must balance her dreams of becoming a star, her tumultuous relationship with her fellow trainees, and her growing feelings for a star named Jason Lee. Many fans theorized that Rachel’s labelmates were based on her Girls’ Generation co-stars, while others suspected Jason Lee was based on stars like 2PM‘s Taecyeon.

Jessica Jung with 2PM’s Taecyeon, 2011.

Now, in the sequel Bright, Rachel Kim is back. Beware—spoilers for book one ahead!

After debuting in the girl group Girls Forever, Rachel Kim has become part of the biggest K-Pop act in the world. Her life is a whirlwind of gowns, parties, and jet setting across the world, with Rachel turning heads on the fashion scene for her impeccable style.

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Couture gowns, sponsored parties, international travel. Rachel Kim is at the top of her game. Girls Forever is now the number-one K-Pop group in the world, and her fame skyrockets after her viral airport styling attracts the attention of fashion’s biggest names. Her life’s a swirl of technicolor glamour and adoring fans. Rachel can’t imagine shining any brighter.

Bright blurb, Simon & Schuster

Of course, there’s one crucial thing missing in Rachel’s life: love. The young starlet is determined to stay committed to her dream, which means staying away from romance, but she quite literally falls head over heels for a boy named Alex, how can she resist?

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The only thing that’s missing is love—but Rachel’s determined to follow the rules. In her world, falling in love can cost you everything.

Enter Alex. When Rachel literally falls head over designer heels into his lap on a crowded metro, she’s tempted to give up her anti-love vows. Alex is more than just heart-stopping dimples and adorably quirky banter. He believes in Rachel’s future—both in music and in fashion.

Bright blurb, Simon & Schuster

Readers will have to wait for Bright‘s release to find out whether Jessica’s fictional alter ego Rachel will find success in love as well as in the K-Pop world.

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But the higher you rise, the farther you have to fall. And when a shocking act of betrayal shatters her world, Rachel must finally listen to her heart.

Bright blurb, Simon & Schuster

The second book in Jessica Jung’s hit series (which is being compared to Crazy Rich Asians, Gossip Girl, and Jenny Han’s To All The Boys) will hit physical and digital shelves on September 28, 2021. Until then, it’s available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more major retails.

Source: Simon & Schuster

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