Jessica Jung’s interview with ELLE Taiwan

Jessica Jung, former member of Girls’ Generation turned designer, took an introspective look at herself in her latest interview with fashion magazine ELLE Taiwan.

On April 28th, Chinese media reported on Jessica Jung’s recent interview with ELLE Taiwan. The interview mostly reflected on her thoughts in fashion as well as her recent maturation in character.

Jessica Jung stated, “I am stepping into a phase of becoming a woman. But I still feel like a girl. Previously, I believed that only my thoughts were important, but after growing older, I can more and more understand others’ thoughts and empathize with others’ actions.”

She also commented on her nickname “Ice Princess” chosen by her fans, Maybe the fans thought I looked cold.. like how I don’t feel nice. But people around me tell me that I like to smile. They even say I look like a fool because I like to joke around. I personally feel that I am bright.” Lastly, Jessica Jung mentioned that she likes Coco Chanel, “She never followed the trend. I hope my brand does not merely follow trends. She is a big influence to me.”

With her busy schedule in China, most recently, Jessica Jung starred in a Chinese variety show held in Beijing.

Source: TV Report