Jessica Reveals That The Jung Sisters Will Be Filming “Jessica & Krystal” Season 2

The Ice Princesses of K-Pop are coming back

Old-school K-Pop fans will be well familiar with the “Ice Princesses” of K-Pop, Jessica and Krystal Jung.

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Despite being known for their reserved demeanours and stunning appearances, they also have a great sense of humour that fans are well aware of.

This has been shown multiple times, with the key instance being their reality TV show Jessica & Krystal.

Although they had performed together in concerts before, this was the first time that viewers got to see the sisters together.

The sisters lived together in a house with cameras watching them for 24 hours straight. The show caught the sisters constantly joking and making fun of each other.

But it also caught some of their more emotional and significant moments.

In the final episode of the show, Krystal burst into tears about the frustration and helplessness she had been feeling. Only Jessica was able to understand and comfort her.

This was an especially poignant moment for the two sisters, especially as Jessica promised that she was going to meet up with Krystal more often from now on.

Unfortunately, fans of the Jung sisters were never able to get more episodes after that. Right after the final episode of Jessica & Krystal, Jessica’s contract with SM Entertainment was terminated in 9/30.

Given Krystal is still a member of f(x) and SM Entertainment’s testy relationship with Jessica, the two were unable to film more episodes for years, or even record the “Jung sisters” album that was rumoured to be planned.

However, blood is always thicker than water.

Krystal and Jessica have constantly supported each other over the years and have been travelling all over the world, fulfilling Jessica’s promise of being there for her little sister more often.

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The two have not been shy about their love for each other. While fans have not been sad about the hiatus of “Jessica & Krystal” for the past five years, they have been pleased that Jessica and Krystal seem happier.

However, Elle recently did an interview with the Jung sisters where they dropped some bombshells about their future plans.

Jessica revealed that fans of Jessica & Krystal may not have to wait any longer.

Currently, I am preparing to record a reality show with my sister. That became something new for me.

After five years, it looks like we may finally be seeing the antics, fun and bond between the Jung sisters on our screens again!

Additionally, Jessica revealed she has been working on a new music project, while Krystal stated that she couldn’t tell fans what project she was working on but knew that they would be excited about it.

Regardless, it is exciting to think that Jessica & Krystal Season 2 might be happening after the tough times the Jung sisters have undergone.

It will undoubtedly be another project that fans will be looking forward to.