Jessica reveals she’s being blocked from going on music shows

It appears that not everything between SM Entertainment and former Girls’ Generation member Jessica ended on a peaceful note.

A bit more than 2 years after her split from Girls’ Generation and SM, it seems that Jessica is still dealing with certain issues from the company.

At a recent fanmeet for her latest single “Wonderland”, Jessica was given the question, “Our Sica Princess-nim, don’t you want to go on music shows?”

Despite being caught off-guard with the question and a bit hesitant to respond, Jessica openly answered by stating, ” I want to go on music shows very much too… If I say you understand what I want to say?”

Her implications immediately spurred speculation of SM blocking their former idol from broadcast shows.

Though not an uncommon behavior from SM, it is quite interesting to see them block Jessica considering that the company had reported things between both sides had ended amicably.

It is not the first time that SM has been caught blocking idols. Ever since their leave from TVXQ in 2009, JaejoongYoochun, and Junsu (JYJ) have been stigmatized by the industry and blocked on many broadcast shows.

Check out Jessica’s response below.