Jessica Reveals What Girls’ Generation Means To Her Now

Jessica has nothing but kind words for her former group, Girls’ Generation, as they all celebrate their tenth year since debut. 

Jessica is also promoting her latest album My Decade to commemorate the 10 years of her debut as an artist. 

When asked about the most memorable moment in her career, she specifically mentioned her debut ten years ago. 

“It was my first times that I remember the most. When I made my debut, the first time I went to the stage, the first time I recorded. I think many ‘firsts’ are memorable.” 

— Jessica

Although she has avoided mentioning her former group in the past, she recently explained her feelings about described her time with them.

“My time with Girls’ Generation was a precious moment that I cannot be erased.” 

— Jessica

She was also asked about promoting simultaneously with her former group mates.

“I did not listen to all the songs but I saw the teaser clips. It looks like they’ve come out well in their own colors.” 

— Jessica

Jessica Jung also spoke about the support she received from her fans. Recently, fans purchased an advertisement displayed on Times Square, New York as she celebrated her tenth anniversary. 

“I would not have the gotten the courage if my fans were not there. I was afraid of releasing an album, however, fans were supportive during my ‘Fly’ promotions, I was able to continue up to my third mini-album. Thank you so much.” 

— Jessica

At present, she continues promotion for her title track, “SUMMER STORM”. 

Source: StarNews, XSportsNews, MyDaily