JetBlue Airlines Labelled Racist For Kicking Rapper Off Flight Because He’s “Asian with Tattoos”

He says it was nothing but racism that kicked him off the American airline.

Korean American hip-hop artist Jin Gates claims that he was kicked off a JetBlue plane for no reason except that he’s “Asian with tattoos.

Jin Gates, a successful rapper and businessman, was traveling to perform in Minnesota for a show but was unable to make it because his team was asked to leave the plane before it took off.


He posted a video of himself moments before he left the plane and explained to fans he had to cancel the show because “JetBlue DON’T LIKE ASIAN WITH TATTOOS.”

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“Minnesota I’m sorry not my fault… @JetBlue DON’T LIKE ASIAN WITH TATTOOS. We got kicked off the plane because the flight attendant said she don’t feel safe on the plane with us…. As you can see even when I got kicked off I was still respectful.” — Jin Gates


According to Jin Gates, there was no reason for them to get kicked off. A supervisor even asked the other passengers about his conduct and they replied he had done nothing.

“The main supervisor asked everyone around us if we did something wrong or if they heard me being disrespectful. All the passengers said I did nothing wrong!” — Jin Gates


Fans are disgusted by the airline’s conduct and are calling for Jin Gates to sue.

  • “That’s fucked up SMH sue them. they are going to get tired of fucking with people of color!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “Aww I was bummed out to hear your show got cancelled. I was looking forward to seeing you perform.”
  • “Racism at its finest.”
  • “File a lawsuit brotha.”
  • “What happened is so fucked. Sorry for the ignorance.”
  • “Please sue them.”
  • “What kind of bs is this? Dumb as hell. These airlines need to start being boycotted. I felt a whiff of racism when I took Jet Blue too one time. That’s terrible. Does she live in a sheltered bubble?”


Jin’s fans also flooded JetBlue’s Instagram account with complaints about his treatment.

  • “Tattoos do not mean terrorism, gang influence, or violence!!!! This situation would’ve been so different with a white man because it would seem as if he’s ‘edgy’ or ‘expressing himself’ oppose to an Asian man having terroristic and negative assumptions inflicted onto him. Shame on you.”
  • “Asian with tattoos wtf you can kick ppl off bec of how they look now hm, America arnt we over this?
  • “Trash prejudice Airline!!!! You need to get rid of that supervisor!!”
  • “Racist.”
  • “Asians with tattoos, huh? Tsk Tsk.”
  • “Thanks for feeling uncomfortable around Asians, you just lost nearly a whole continent of costumers.”