JEWEL Nightclub Takes Action By Rebooking ARMY DJ Following Criticism Of “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS” After-Party

The last two nights are guaranteed to be lit!

HYBE has included after-parties in the lineup of activities ARMYs could attend in Las Vegas aside from BTS’s four concerts. Essentially, the after-party is like clubbing but with BTS discography rather than miscellaneous mainstream hits. It serves for ARMYs to continue having fun even after leaving the concert. The HYBE-hosted event is titled PERMISSION TO DANCE THE CITY – LAS VEGAS PARTY IN THE CITY and is held April 8, 9, 15, and 16, the same days of BTS’s concerts, from 10:30 PM until 4:00 AM at JEWEL Nightclub.

Unfortunately, the nightclub received criticism after booking two disrespectful DJs for D2 of the BTS-themed after-parties. ARMYs who attended that night reported that the DJs were disrespectful and refused to play BTS songs.

One of the DJs in question, Angie Vee, even shared a video on Instagram Stories leaving the PERMISSION TO DANCE THE CITY – LAS VEGAS PARTY IN THE CITY event. The DJ was walking along with what appeared to be a friend who laughed at the recounting of the after-party.

Woo! That was an event… Let me tell you. 90%, 95% BTS songs. I played a total of maybe five non-BTS songs tonight. It was an experience.

— Angie Vee

Yet, the previous night’s after-party was led by DJ Yo Yolie, who proved to be ARMY herself, selecting even non-mainstream BTS favorites like Jin‘s “Super Tuna” and Agust D‘s “Daechwita.”

D2 was such a contrast from D1. So, ARMYs attempted to contact JEWEL Nightclub, the event venue, about the negative experience on the second night. Many left reviews, informative comments on social media posts, etc., with the goal of making a positive change so that D2’s events were not repeated, as there are still two more after-parties left.

Well, it looks like JEWEL Nightclub heard ARMY and is ensuring that everyone will have a good time at the next after-parties.

Yo Yolie, the great DJ behind D1, was originally only scheduled for one night, much to ARMYs’ dismay.

Yet, during the week, ARMY and Yo Yolie have been attempting to manifest for her return…

And, finally, Yo Yolie announced on April 13 that she would not only be returning to JEWEL Nightclub for D3 of the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE after-party but also D4!

So, ARMYs are guaranteed a fun night both nights. Naturally, they couldn’t be happier about the news!

You can read more about the situation below:

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Source: @yoyolie_

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