Former Idol Reveals She Is Suffering From Raynaud’s Disease

“I had no one to hold my hand so I had to cover my own mouth and cry…”

Former Jewelry member Cho Minah has recently revealed that she is suffering from Raynaud’s disease.

Raynaud’s disease is a rare disorder of the blood vessels, usually in the fingers and toes that prevents blood from getting to the surface of the skin, causing the affected areas to turn white and blue.

Source: MedicineNet


On June 13th, Cho Minah shared a post on her Instagram, explaining the difficulties she has been going through because of her illness.

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혈압 80 / 50 .. 유방초음파 결과 나온 미세석회.. 손발이 끊어질듯한 추위에 손톱색까지 보라색으로 변하고 온몸이 저려와서 하루에도 몇 번씩 일상생활이 힘든 순간들이 찾아왔고 스트레스가 몰리면 과호흡으로 정신을 잃다가 119 에 실려가면서 받게된 각종 검사들.. 제가 앓고 있던건 자가면역질환이었는데 밝혀진건 레이노병이고 양성 소견이 의심되는 것들이 있어 추가 검사를 받았습니다. 면역체계가 완전히 무너진 상태라 무조건 안정, 충분한 영양, 휴식을 취하면서 검사결과들을 기다리고 때를 놓치지 말고 치료나 수술을 받아야한다고 주치의 선생님께 권고 받고는 병원 복도에서 혼자 숨죽여 얼마나 많은 눈물을 쏟아냈는지 모르겠습니다.. 정밀 검사로 들어갈수록 결과도 더디게 나와서 하루하루가 줄타기를 하고 있는 것 같은데요. 무식하게 열심히만 살아왔어서 이제 내 행복 좀 누려보려고 했는데 몸이 망가져버려서 그게 그냥.. 서러웠습니다. 보호자가 없으니 누구 손 붙잡고 같이 울지 못해서 혼자 입을 틀어막고 울었네요. 괜찮아.. 괜찮다 생각하면 다 괜찮아져. 별거 아니라고 하기엔 사실 어디 하나 성한 곳이 없어 막막은 해도 그래도 웃으면서 저답게 힘찬 오늘을 시작해보려고 오전 조깅도 하고 공방에 나왔습니다. 그럼에도 불구하고 이렇게 살아있는게 전 감사합니다. 오늘도 스스로 행복해져 볼게요. 다음 주가 생일 인줄도 몰랐는데 벌써 6월도 이렇게 깊어가는군요. 걱정해주시고 응원해주시는 많은 분들 진심으로 감사합니다. . . . . #다잘될거야#긍정의힘 #마음편하게먹자

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Blood pressure of 80/50…
Microlime from the results of my breast ultrasound…
My hands and feet are so cold it feels like they’re falling off and even my fingernails turned purple and I feel my entire body becaming numb.
I suffered difficult moments in daily life numerous times a day. When I was stressed out, I lost consiousness due to hyperventilation and was carried away in 119 and received numerous tests…
What I was suffering from is an autoimmune disease and it was revealed that it’s Raynaud’s disease.
There were some opinions that looked suspicious so I had additional tests done.
My immune system has completely collapsed so they said I had to be stable, consume enough nutrition and rest while I wait for the test results, not waiting to receive treatment or surgery.
After hearing this from the doctor, I held my breath in the hallway of the hospital alone and cried for I don’t know how long…
The results for the medical exams come out so slowly, it seems like I’m walking on a tight rope every day.
I’ve continued to live hard so I was going to try and enjoy happiness, but now that my body has been ruined…that just disappeared.
Because I don’t have a guardian, I had no one to hold my hand so I had to cover my own mouth and cry.
It’s okay…
If you think it’s okay, it will be okay.
Actually, to say that it’s not a big deal, too much has gone wrong and the future seems hopeless but I’m trying to put a smile on my face and start anew today.
I went jogging this morning and came out to the workshop.
Even so, I’m still thankful that I am alive like this. I’ll try to become happier today as well.
I didn’t know next week was my birthday, but it’s already getting into late June.
Sincerely thank you for worrying about me and supporting me.

ㅡ Cho Minah


Fans have been empathizing with the former idol and sending her words of encouragement in this difficult time.