Ji Chang Wook Joins Forces With The Miral Welfare Foundation In A Campaign To Help Disabled Children

The campaign aims to raise awareness for the rights of disabled citizens:

Ji Chang Wook is joining forces with the Miral Welfare Foundation to help raise awareness for the rights of disabled South Korean citizens through their How You See Me? campaign.

The Miral Welfare Foundation is a non-governmental organization that has been standing up for the rights of disabled individuals since 1993 and their How You See Me? campaign aims to bring both awareness and acceptance for the rights of those with disabilities, especially children.

Additionally, one of the main goals of the campaign is to erase the prejudice and stigma that people with disabilities often face.

To support the campaign, Ji Chang Wook not only donated his talent fees but also participated in a special video shoot where he urged everyone to get rid of any prejudices they may hold.

Netizens are also being encouraged to spread awareness online with a commitment to say no to discrimination against disabled people.

Outside of Ji Chang Wook’s participation in the campaign, he is currently preparing for his new drama, Convenience Store Saetbyeol, set to begin airing in June.

Source: Chosun