Comedian Ji Seok Jin Can’t Stop Praising His Friend BTS’s Jin, And It Has Us Soft AF

“You are the pride of Korea…”

Since debuting, it seems as if BTS has made many celebrity friends who haven’t had enough good words to say about them.

In particular, one person who has recently praised a member of the group is comedian Ji Seokjin. He met the group on an episode of Running Man and sparked a friendship with member Jin, who coincidently has the same name.

Comedian Ji Seokjin and BTS’s Jin | @jeeseokjin/Instagram

Ji Seokjin recently appeared on KBS‘s Problem Child in House and discussed his friendship with BTS’s oldest member. Ji Seokjin seemed a bit reluctant to talk about it, adding that they don’t know each other well but exchanged numbers.

However, Kim Sook added that if they message each other, then they are friends! Yet Ji Seokjin that he sometimes worries about texting Jin because he doesn’t want to bother him.

Yet, as expected, it seems as if Jin really is just a nice person and isn’t impacted by his global fame. When asked about who contacts who first, Ji Seokjin added that it was actually Jin.

He also recalled how the two first met, and the similarities in their names started a blossoming friendship.

BTS was on the show Running Man. I said, ‘Are you Seokjin? I’m Seokjin too. Let’s exchange numbers.‘ So we did. It was before they got super popular. So yeah, sometimes. When he was in LA, he sent photos saying he was there. But these days I don’t contact him first.

— Ji Seokjin

The other hosts added that he should start messaging Jin more, but Ji Seokjin stayed considerate, emphasizing that he didn’t want to bother him.

He also spoke about the sang “Dynamite,” and, although he thought he had ruined it, received a message from Jin thanking him for bringing exposure to the song. It is something Ji Seokjin has spoken about in a video on his own channel.

| 지편한세상 [Jeeseokjin World]/ YouTube 
In the end, the other guests managed to persuade Ji Seokjin to send a video message to Jin, and it is definitely proof that they are two wholesome people with a great and respectful friendship.

I’m always supporting you from afar. I don’t call you these days so that you can focus on your activities. It’s because I don’t want to disturb you. Anyway, you are always so awesome.

— Ji Seokjin

If that wasn’t enough, it seems like Ji Seokjin wanted to share his love for not just Jin but the whole group!

I say this sometimes, but you are really cool. You are the pride of Korea. The same goes for the other BTS members. Awesome.

— Ji Seokjin

As expected, people have nothing but love for the members and constantly share how friendly and warm the group are, despite their rising fame and global success.

You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: KBS Entertain