Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are the #1 real-life couple netizens want to see in a drama

In a recent poll, netizens were asked which real-life couple they would like to see star in a television drama, asking the same question for a variety television show as well.

On August 27th, the Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation (KOBACO) reported that 42.5% of netizens that voted wanted to see real-life married couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young in a drama together while the real-life married couple Yoo Jae Suk and Na Kyung Eun were voted as the most wanted on a television variety show with 30.3%.

Both Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young have several hit drama and films under their belt, making them quite the talented actor couple indeed.

Additionally, netizens are most looking forward to acting in a comedy-romantic drama should it ever happen with an overwhelming 40.3%.

Ji Sung already has a recent hit drama under his belt with MBC‘s Heal Me, Kill Me successfully airing at the beginning of 2015.

Source: Sports Donga