Ji Sung looks like a rocker idol in new stills of drama “Kill Me, Heal Me”

Stills for the upcoming MBC drama Kill Me, Heal Me have been released, giving anticipated viewers a peek into what’s to come.

The romantic-comedy drama features Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum as the two main leads of the drama, along with Park Seo Joon, Oh Min Suk, and Kim Yoo Ri. 

Ji Sung plays a third generation chaebol who suffers from disassociative identity disorder, also known as multiple personalities, and is known to have seven different personalities lying within him.

On January 3rd, image stills of the two actors in their role is captured, Ji Sung having transformed into his biker role, and is seen sporting a leather jacket and black eyeliner to complete his look as “Rider Ji Sung.” With a white painted wood bar in his hand, Ji Sung is captured in the middle of a fight scene as Hwang Jun Eum shockingly looks on.

It is reported that this scene was recorded on December 23rd at the river park in Jamwan-dong. Recording began late December 22nd at 11PM KST, lasting well into the next morning of the 23rd at 6AM KST. Despite it being a long night, the two main leads were reportedly consistently energetic for their scenes.

As the night went on, the weather turned colder, taking a toll on Ji Sung’s hands. In one of the stills, he is seen with well-bundled hands with thick, padded gloves.

Production company Pan Entertainment said, “Despite the cold weather, the actors of Kill Me, Heal Me continued working hard and shooting with a lot of fun without regards of the conditions. Their enthusiasm made the creation of the work better.”

Kill Me, Heal Me is the first Korean drama to feature a main character with seven personalities, which is essentially seven characters in itself, which has gained tremendous curiosity and interest from K-drama lovers. It is set to air on January 7th at 10PM KST via MBC.

Source: Newsen