TWICE Jihyo’s Younger Sister Is Going Viral For Her Unique Beauty

“They look similar, but their vibes are totally different?..”

TWICE member Jihyo‘s younger sister is going viral for her beauty.


On October 12, a post titled “TWICE Jihyo’s Younger Sister, Actor Lee Ha Eum” went viral. In the post, the author uploaded several photos of Jihyo’s younger sister, Lee Ha Eum.

In the photos, Lee Ha Eum exudes a different vibe from her world-famous sister and is beautiful in her own unique way.



Netizens heaped praise on Lee Ha Eum for her unique charms and beauty. Many commented on how different the two sisters’ vibes were.

  • “They look similar, but their vibes are totally different? If Jihyo is Summer, her sister is Autumn. Both are so pretty.”
  • “She’s the type that would make Min Hee Jin applaud, no?”
  • “She looks like a Street Woman Fighter dancer, LOL.”
  • “That second picture tho…”
  • “She’s my type.”
  • “Wow, she’s pretty.”
  • “They do look similar, but if you asked me which features look alike, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. LOL.”
  • “Her vibe is crazy.”
  • “I wouldn’t know that they were sisters if someone didn’t tell me.”

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Source: theqoo