Jihyo Promised She Would Share Secret Photos Of Sana If “TT” Reaches 400 Million Views

ONCEs, you know what to do.

SaHyo was front and centre in a recent live broadcast when Jihyo promised she would take pictures of Sana sleeping and post them on social media if TWICE‘s “TT” video reached 400 million views.

Sana said Jihyo would shave her head if they got the views, so Jihyo’s promise is actually pretty tame in comparison!


Sana mentioned during her live broadcast that Jihyo intended to cut her hair, and said that Jihyo should shave her head instead!


When a fan asked them to make promises about their “TT” music video reaching 400 million views, Sana’s immediate joke was that Jihyo would shave her head!


But Jihyo overrode the joke with a promise of her own.


Sana made another promise in response – that she would reveal Jihyo in her most relaxed state…


And it became a competition to see who could embarrass the other!


But they calmed down and made a promises for real.


Their real promise was that they would make a new broadcast if the “TT” video reached 400 million views, and they would drag Dahyun into it!


And that Jihyo would admit to SaHyo by saying “cou” to Sana’s “ple”!


SaHyo will only get stronger if “TT” reaches 400 million views!