TWICE Fansite Manager Allegedly Swears At Jihyo

One fansite master seemingly took things too far.

Not all encounters with fans go off spectacularly, as Jihyo of TWICE found out that hard way.

While the above video isn’t of the event in particular, this clip is from the same time period – namely when TWICE was leaving Korea earlier today for their appearance on Music Bank in Hong Kong.

As you can see, the fansite masters were out in full force, to the point where even security at times had a hard time making sure the girls were protected.

This struggle between fansite masters to get the best shots is actually what ended up causing the situation in the first place.

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One specific fansite master was caught by others at the venue to have allegedly swear at Jihyo, which caused her look visibly upset as she and the group left Inchon International Airport.

Fans, of course, were furious when the event was posted about on social media – and calls for the ONCE in question to make some sort of statement came swiftly after.

In a since deleted tweet, the ONCE in question finally made a statement about the situation.

They stated that their words (and the situation) was all a misunderstanding. The ONCE wasn’t swearing at Jihyo, but at another fansite master who had been pushing them. It just happened that Jihyo was standing next to them when the situation took place.

No doubt due to how the whole thing got major coverage in the K-Pop fandom, the ONCE will likely watch their words when they are around TWICE in the future.

While ONCEs begrudgingly accepting the apology, they still commented about how the situation shouldn’t have even happened in the first place and that TWICE needs their boundaries respected.

We really hope Jihyo ended up having the situation cleared up for her so the rest of her short trip in Hong Kong is made much better.