JiKook Makes Tumblr’s Top 10 Ships of 2017 List

According to Tumblr’s “Fandometrics of 2017”, Jimin and Jungkook made it to number 5 in the top 10 list of 2017’s ships.

“Shippers”, short for “relationshippers, are individuals who wish for or fantasize about (on some level or another) a relationship between two fictional characters or public figures.

The “shipping” subculture has been an important aspect of fan culture for decades.


In fact, shipping culture has become so prevalent that the New York Times published an article about it detailing the various popular ships, including “Jikook”.

“Jikook” stands for the (fictional) relationship between BTS’s Jimin and Jungkook and is inspired by various moments of bromance between the two.

“YoonMin” (SUGA and Jimin), “TaeKook” (V and Jungkook) and “YoonSeok” (SUGA and Jin) also made the list of Fandometrics of 2017.

ARMYs are incredibly proud that BTS is so famous, even their fictitious romance is getting tons of attention.

Source: The New York Times