Jimin And Ha Sungwoon Are Not So Secretly Hanging Out

Fans figured them out immediately.

BTS’s Jimin and Ha Sungwoon formerly of Wanna One are good friends and have been proving it recently with their social media updates.

First Jimin posted some pictures on BTS’s twitter account. It seemed completely normal at first.

But fans were suspicious of this picture of Jimin front of a river…

Because Ha Sungwoon posted a picture in the same location in the same pose on his Instagram!

Jimin and Sungwoon are subtly hanging out during the holidays. Sungwoon has clearly been giving Jimin tips on taking more ‘aesthetic’ pictures.

Sungwoon is looking out for ARMY, he hosted an Instagram Live where he and Jimin participated in some karoake. Jimin isn’t in the frame but we can hear his melodic, almost andrognyous voice when it gets to his part of the song.

We’re so happy that Sungwoon and Jimin are enjoying “Seollal” (Korean New Year) with friends.