Jimin Handed Jihyo the Mic in a Sweet Way

Is it just Jimin who does this?

“So Sweet” Jimin never fails to exhibit good manners.

The 2018 Asia Artist Awards, was joined by 26 idol groups and 28 actors.

On this day, both TWICE and BTS received the AAA Fabulous Award, so they both went onto the stage to express their appreciation.

To start it off, BTS’ Suga said, “We’ll work even harder to do this award justice.”

After that, Jimin took the mic from Suga and handed it to TWICE’s Jihyo.

However, he grabbed it at the head of the mic so that Jihyo could grab it easier, which caught all of their fans’ attention.

Many people would have grabbed it by the neck, but Jimin considered the comfort and convenience of Jihyo first.

It’s hard not to be touched by Jimin’s consideration, which seems all too effortless.

Jimin’s “so sweet” gesture elicited responses such as:

  • “This is why we have no choice but to be fans.”
  • “Our Jimin’s so considerate.”
  • “It’s so sweet, I keep watching it on repeat.”

You can watch the footage below starting at 0:25.

Source: Insight
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