Jimin and Jungkook Go Worldwide In Latest Bangtan Bomb

This interaction is too cute for words.

Despite all the chaos of plagiarism accusations, ticket sales and ARMYpedia; Big Hit uploaded a short and cute Bangtan Bomb from their time at the United Nations.

In the video, Jungkook decides he is going to translate everything Jimin says as a way to communicate with international fans. You can tell the golden maknae was giving it his all for this one.

In a moment reminiscent of Jin and J-Hope’s famous “worldwide only” backstage vlog, Jungkook did his best to translate what Jimin was saying for the international fans.

Jimin: “We’ve tried to deliver this message through music in order to communicate with fans”
Jungkook: “Long time no see, message, from you”
Jimin: “Haha so sweet”

Jungkook is lucky that RM wasn’t there to grill him as he did with J-Hope and Jin’s “worldwide only” vlog. Jungkook did his best and it wasn’t too far off! ARMY is feeling all warm inside after seeing this cute interaction amidst all the chaos that’s current happening.

You can watch the full Bangtan Bomb below.


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