Jimin Pours His Heart Out To ARMY In Vlog From One Year Ago

Jimin emotionally explained his purpose in life.

A vlog has just been uploaded to the Bangtan TV YouTube channel that dates back to the 13th of April 2018. In it, an uncharacteristically serious Jimin speaks to ARMY from the heart.

Jimin recorded the vlog before a fan-meeting with Japanese ARMYs. He had just returned to his hotel room after a recording and it was almost 2 AM. Love Yourself: Tear was almost ready, most of the work had been done in preparation for the release of the album. Jimin says he’s really looking forward to it.

He pondered why he’s pursuing his current career path, he says he’s thought hard about what it means to be an idol over the past year. He says he’s felt very lonely in the past and he’s been quite introspective lately. He found solace in a video of them performing “Young Forever” in Japan, they had stopped singing and the fans kept singing the song. He found that video so moving that he burst into tears.

He says he had been feeling stressed and down but his mentality improved significantly after a trip he took with his fellow BTS members. All they did for three days was joke around with one another and have fun which really improved the atmosphere of the group. After this trip, he suddenly couldn’t wait to release new music. He wanted to see how ARMY would react and experience it with them.

This quote by Jimin was so beautiful that it can’t be summarised. He found the reason why he does what he does.

“As we went through many things, our fans truly have become our reason. They have become the reason for our existence, so we’ll continue to be together, and going forward, we have a reason to keep singing and performing.”

He finishes his vlog by saying that now that he has truly found his reason for performing, he is super happy and can keep going no matter what. And since the date this vlog was recorded, BTS has gone on to do and accomplish so much. We hope Jimin is still as happy as he was at the end of this vlog. You can watch the full vlog below:


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