Jin Proves He’s The King Of One Of BTS’s Favorite Card Games Once And For All In A Very Chaotic Game

He’s so good at this game!

BTS‘s Jin is unbeatable at the game Halli Galli!

BTS’s Jin | BTS/Weverse

On the finale of In the SOOP 2, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, and RM played Halli Galli after the members enjoyed an expensive steak dinner together. Halli Galli is a speed action card game. To play this game, the members used cards that showed 4 different kinds of fruit. When 5 of the same fruit were shown on the cards, the player who noticed the set of 5 rang the bell, picked up all the played cards, and added the cards to their own deck. When a player ran out of cards, they were eliminated, and the member with the tallest deck of cards at the end of the game was the winner.

| BTS/Weverse

At the very start of the game, Jin noticed there were 5 of the same fruit shown across the players’ cards, and he rang the bell. J-Hope was so shocked by Jin’s speed that he gasped!

The other players kept watchful eyes on the cards in an attempt to replicate Jin’s speed. However, once again, he bested everyone and spotted the 5 fruits before anyone else.

J-Hope beat Jin to the bell shortly after that, and he rapped to express his excitement.

RM, Jimin, and Jin all raced to the bell when the next set of 5 fruit revealed itself, and Jin beat both RM and Jimin to the bell.

Jimin spotted 5 of the same fruits soon after that, and he gathered cards from the other members. By this point, RM and J-Hope were a little nervous because they were on the verge of elimination.

RM was eliminated in the next round after J-Hope rang the bell and gathered cards from the other players. Jimin, J-Hope, and Jin continued to play after that.

Jimin was eliminated too, which left Jin and J-Hope in the game.

The two remaining players decided to speed up the game, and Jin resolved to not let J-Hope earn a single card.

After Suga said it was impossible to beat Jin, Jungkook decided to join the game. The youngest member proved to be a fierce competitor!

After Jin beat J-Hope, Jungkook played against Jin in a one-on-one match. Although Jungkook spotted the first set of 5, Jin shocked him with his speed by spotting the next set incredibly fast.

Soon, Jungkook was down to just one card, and he resolved to beat Jin despite the odds. He managed to stay in the game by ringing the bell before Jin after seeing 5 of the same fruit, and he took some of Jin’s cards.

Jungkook soon found himself down to the last card once again, and he was determined to beat Jin. However, Jin proved to be too fast. He beat Jungkook in the final game of Halli Galli, and Jungkook was just as shook by Jin’s speed as the other members had been!

This In the SOOP game of Halli Galli wasn’t the first time Jin had shown off his skills. He’s bested the members in the popular card game on Run BTS! in the past. Jin’s Halli Galli victories on Run BTS! were even more impressive because he took on all of the members at once.

We’ll be looking forward to the next time BTS plays Halli Galli for sure!