Jinusean finalizes comeback date to avoid BIGBANG’s comeback in May

One of Korea’s original hip-hop aritsts Jinusean has been preparing to comeback for the first time in 11 years and have finalized their comeback date, avoiding clashes with BIGBANG’s comeback in May.

According to multiple affiliates of the industry, Jinusean will reveal their newest track by mid- to-end of this month. Although Jinusean has been consistently preparing for their comeback album, their comeback date has just been finalized internally by YG Entertainment. The confirmation has not been officially announced to the public just in case anything comes up in their schedule.

Jinusean is to release a single track for the comeback prior to full-length album, which will be their first on in 11 years after the release of “Phone Number” in 2004.

Although YG Entertainment announced BIGBANG to be their first artist of the year in the past, Jinusean most definitely wished to avoid BIGBANG, who are not only currently one of the big names among K-Pop idol groups, but also close members in the agency.

An anonymous affiliate humorously mentioned, “Jinusean were half joking and half serious that they wanted to avoid BIGBANG. The duo mentioned that BIGBANG waited three years, but we have been patient for 11 years now.”

In respect of both long awaited comebacks, Jinusean will be the agency’s first comeback artist for 2015 with BIGBANG’s comeback finalized for May.

Meanwhile, Jinusean is set to perform along with the hottest 90s singers for Saturday Saturday is Fun – Super Concert – DJ Chulhee’s MixMac concert on April 25th, in Seoul.

Source: Star News