Jinusean’s Sean is NOT funny according to Yang Hyun Suk

Though fans may love his sense of humor, YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk does not think Jinusean‘s Sean is funny at all!

The hip-hop duo of Jinusean made an appearance on the latest episode of Running Man, celebrating Children’s Day with the cast, where member Jinu dissed his partner using their boss’ own words.

The regular cast of Running Man first made an appearance by entering a toy store, which oddly enough, was voided of toys. Asking out loud “Where are the toys?”, they finally spotted a large box containing Jinusean acting as if they were dolls inside a box.

The cast said, “This is such an old joke,” and, “So old-fashioned,” arousing laughter.

Before the official race started, Jinu dissed Sean, saying, “Yang Hyun Suk said that Sean is the most unfunny person in the world,” to which Kim Jong Kook asked, “Isn’t Yang Hyun Suk not funny himself?”

The members of Jinusean replied, “No. He’s only funny when we’re alone.”

Jinusean on Running Man

Source: My Daily