Jinwoon and Hyosung team up to sing theme song for “Law of the Jungle – Hidden Kingdom”

New reports have revealed that Jinwoon and Hyosung, who are both appearing in this season’s Law of the Jungle, will be collaborating to sing its new theme song.

According to a broadcast official on August 4th, Jinwoon and Hyosung will be singing the track “능에 빠져,” translated as “Falling Out Of Instinct.”

The track is a romantic story that uses the ideal of Law of the Jungle itself as using one’s instinct, similar to that of love. Written by both Jinwoon and Hyosung, the broadcast official shares that the song’s atmosphere is similar to that of JunggiGo and Soyou‘s hit 2014 summer track, “Some.”

The song will be heard for the first time as the show’s new theme song next week.

Source: TV Report