Jisoo “Explains Herself” After Spending Most Of Her “BLACKPINK: The Game” Money On One Member

“Wait, didn’t you say you spent the most on me?”

BLACKPINK just released their new song “The Girls” for the mobile game BLACKPINK: The Game, and to commemorate the occasion, the members gathered for a fun variety video hosted by Lee Yi Kyung, in which they played the game and chatted about its features.

(From left:) BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa| BLACKPINK/YouTube

Before they began to play, Rosé, Jennie, and Lisa praised Jisoo for her gameplay and were particularly impressed by one element, which hilariously caused an issue for Jisoo in the game and real life.

In the game, BLINKs are able to become BLACKPINK’s producer and need to complete puzzles in order to arrange the group’s schedule and manage their company.

Players can connect with their friends in the game and even dress the members in fashionable outfits.

This is where Jisoo admitted she ran into some trouble. The group’s oldest member hilariously revealed that she spends more time and money on dressing up the members than actually completing the puzzles.

While Jisoo’s personal styling impressed the members, it also hilariously got her in “trouble” with her fellow members when they began to compare the outfits they received from Jisoo in the game.

After Rosé praised Jisoo’s styling, Jennie hilariously interjected that Jisoo hadn’t dressed her character in nice clothes.

Jisoo set the record straight, revealing that she bought Jennie the most expensive dress in the game.

Hearing this, maknae Lisa jokingly “called out” Jisoo, stating that the older member had said she spent the most money on her, not Jennie.

Jisoo explained that she had bought Lisa’s character a variety of items instead of a single expensive one.

Rosé then spoke up, jokingly wondering what Jisoo got for her character. Jisoo hinted that she unlocked a squirrel outfit for Rosé while hilariously admitting she had run low on currency in the game after buying the dress for Jennie.

Spending the majority of her in-game money on Jennie’s dress didn’t do her any favors, according to Jisoo, who revealed it was difficult to acquire Jennie’s photo card in the game.

In the end, each BLACKPINK member was satisfied with Jisoo’s answer about their characters, and the group’s oldest member proved she was serious about her games.

Check out BLACKPINK’s new song, “The Girls,” below!

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