Jisoo Goes from Gorgeous to Cute by Becoming Harry Potter

Jisoo redefines airport fashion.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo‘s beauty is undeniable, and it’s constantly being talked about on social media.

However, Jisoo decided to take a break from her gorgeousness by going for a cuter look at the airport.

In recent days, photos of Jisoo in light makeup and glasses have been circulating on social media.

In contrast to the usual comments made about her beauty, fans have been seeing her in a different light.

The reason being her Harry Potter glasses.

Let’s be real. Jisoo’s beauty can’t be hidden by anything. But the Harry Potter glasses brought out so much of her cute charm that it couldn’t be overlooked.

Here are a few close-ups of her cute look.

It looks like Jisoo knows how cute she is, too.

Jisoo might just make the Harry Potter look the new airport fashion.

Source: Insight