Jisoo’s “Sponsor” Harassment Investigation Comes To A HALT After Facebook REFUSES To Comply

Girl group TAHITI member Jisoo has been in the media spotlight after calling out a fan sponsor for harassing her on her SNS account, later revealed to have been approached by more than one, and has begun to take legal action against them.

In a recent update, it is being suggested that police investigation’s to track down the sponsor that has been harassing Jisoo on her Instagram may go unsolved.

According to the Seocho Seoul Police Department on February 17th, has sent a warrant to Facebook headquarters in the United States regarding information about the Instagram account that has been harassing Jisoo to meet them for money. However Facebook headquarters responded that they weren’t able to release the information about the account.

Facebook stated that if the IP was a Korean one they would be able to cooperate but since the IP was a foreign one they weren’t able to divulge any information regarding the account.

Without the cooperation of Facebook regarding foreign IPs, the suspect may be hard to track down and therefore, Jisoo’s case may go unresolved.

Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published.

[+169, -19] I guess the sponsor is a huge figure

[+95, -6] I feel like this is going to be abused now..

[+78, -2] The people higher up probably shut it down because if they start investigating the case other sponsors who are powerful may become involved.

[+78, -6] It’s like the Jang Ja Yeon case…the dirty and secretive offers from those with power…they think power and money can buy anything..

[+60, -4] Well even if they could the investigation won’t happen

[+54, -2] As if. They’re NOT catching them it’s not that they CAN’T catch them.


Source: Yeonhap News