Jiyeon Shocks Fans With Extreme Weight Loss, Sparks Concerns Over Her Health

“Why are you so thin??”

T-ARA Jiyeon‘s recent photos have been making fans worry about her health as they revealed just how much weight she seems to have lost.


Jiyeon looked beautiful in the photos as she relaxed in front of a beautiful background of the ocean, but her cheeks looked thinner and she seemed to have lost more weight on her arms.


Fans began expressing their concerns, encouraging the star to take good care of herself.

  • “Take care of yourself”
  • “You look too skinnyㅠㅠㅠ I think you should gain a little weightㅠ Are you really unwell?ㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “You’re so thin, let’s eat more.”
  • “Please don’t forget to take care of yourself”
  • “Why are you so thin??”
  • “It makes me want to draw you up some medicines.”
  • “Unnie why are you so skiny… Please don’t be sick, and always remember to take care of your health. I’ll always love you.”


Fans are more worried for her health as Jiyeon has previously delayed a fan meeting in Hong Kong due to health issues.


Fans continue to patiently await her return as they hope all is well and happy with Jiyeon!

Source: Dispatch