Jiyoon Reveals She Still Can’t Get Over The Fact 4MINUTE Disbanded

Jeon Jiyoon reveals what she does when she can’t get over the fact that 4MINUTE has disbanded.

Jeon Jiyoon recently shot a pictorial with Samuel Seo, who she collaborated on a song with. During the photoshoot, she found the time to answer a few questions about 4MINUTE. When she was asked about how she felt about the group’s disbandment, she revealed,

“Sometimes I will re-watch videos from during my 4MINUTE promotions and I get a feeling of nostalgia.”

Jeon Jiyoon 

She also talked about 4MINUTE members Gayoon and Sohyun‘s advancement into the acting industry, saying,

“Honestly at first, I was very worried for them. But now I want to applaud them for their passion for acting.”

Jeon Jiyoon 

Jeon Jiyoon also revealed her ideal type in the interview, choosing actors Jo Jung Suk and Jo Jin Woong because she finds them sexy but mature.

Watch the music video for Jeon Jiyoon and Samuel Seo’s collaboration song below.

Source: Xportnews