JJCC shows support for single mothers

The guys from the idol group JJCC have decided to help out the marginalized group of single mothers in Korea. 

E.CO (Ha Joon Young), Henry Prince Mak, Eddy Oh (Oh Jong Seok), Simba (Kim Young Ji) and SanCheong (Choi Ha Don) have stated that they will be joining the fight to help single mothers in Korea by becoming advocates for a national campaign helping the underprivileged group.

The purpose of the campaign is to help the community of single mothers in Korea, who may not be getting all the support they need, by creating a place of support for them and their children to thrive.

When asked about their contribution to the campaign, the members of JJCC stated that “single mothers have the most difficulties economically, so in many cases it is very hard for them to be cut off from gaining academic or economic independence. We’d like to help single moms achieve their dreams and to not give up on life through this campaign.”

JJCC is the rookie group that was formed  in 2014 by martial arts expert and action star Jackie Chan, who wanted to try his hand at idol groups. The guys of JJCC have recently released the music video for their single “Fire,” along with a dance practice version and the behind the scenes of the music video. Fans of the rookie group now have the opportunity to stay more connected with the guys through their official website as well!

Source: Star News