#JKDAY Trends Worldwide After Jungkook Personally Declares It His Day

If Jungkook wants to have his own day, we’ll give it to him!

BTS and ARMY once again proved that they are the social media Gods and Goddesses, by showing that anything BTS members say will instantly become a worldwide trend.

Jungkook personally declared January 9, 2019 as #JKDAY, on the BTS 2018 Season’s Greeting calendar (he declared it and that’s all we need to know). And although the reason is not 100% clear on why that day was chosen by Jungkook, fans speculate its because it is the opposite of his birthday, September 01. Jungkook even left a memo with instructions for fans!

“Memo: JK DAY Write anything and post it !!! (on the internet)”

Source: @bangtan_4life

Regardless of the reason behind it, the global ARMY showed their power by using the hashtag #JKDAY on Twitter, and it’s gone absolutely viral all over the world.

However, some fans pointed out that this was supposed to trend in 2019 and NOT 2018.

Nevertheless, eager fans just could not help themselves from celebrating JKDAY, even if it was one year earlier.

We all know how explosive the ARMY can be with their trending, and this time, they proved it again by making  #JKDAY the no.1 worldwide trend for the past 24 hours!

Happy #JKDAY everyone!

Source: Twitter